Plans for the year of the pig

With 2018 dead and buried, I've started thinking about my gaming plans for this new cycle around the sun.

First, when it comes to published stuff I'm interested in running Reign 2E when the kickstarter delivers. I'll probably use it to run either Warhammer (using Joseph's interpretation) or Runequest/Glorantha, because it feels like it has a lot of the mechanical aspects of those games, but with more elegant mechanics.

I'd like to either run or play Forbidden Lands. I kickstarted and received this game last year, and I quite like a number of things about it, but yet another fantasy game might be a rough sell for the group in the near future.

Another thing I'm interested in doing is revisting Apocalypse World, but this time heavily inflected by Mutant: Y0, the Degenesis setting, and with an overall more "local" flavour or perhaps a plainly weird fantasy setting. My original and longest-lasting AW campaign was set in a pretty by-the-numbers USican/Mad Max apocalypse, which, in retrospective, was pretty boring

When it comes to boardgames, I got a couple of Keyforge decks that I have to take for a spin. I'm also looking forward to more games of Root and the COIN family. And knowing my friends I'm assuming we'll play some more of The John Company and This Guilty Land.

But more than anything published, I'm looking forward to playtesting and working on my own stuff. By my count I have about 16 ongoing projects at various stages of completion. Many of them will never see any kind of development, some will be folded into others or simply disappear, but at least a few should see the light of day in some form (fingers crossed).

Also, while not tabletop, my girlfriend and I are in the early planning stages of making on a videogame. She is a 3D artist and I'm slowly learning how to use the Unreal engine while we brainstorm ideas and sketch out characters. This will probably be a very slow burning but serious long-term project. I'm also in a band, writing and producing music, so that will be another big chunk of my time this year.

It's gonna be a busy one.

A map I made for the fantasy game playtest I'm currently running.