Pale Indifference

The Pale Indifference cares for nothing, it has no hiearchy of needs or objects of desire. If left to its own devices it will lounge in eternal darkness beneath the earth, its heart as void as the farthest reaches between the stars. It will only move with annoyance and resentment when the funerary quiet of its existence is disturbed by light & sound. In those cases it wishes for nothing but to quell the sources of such terrible frustrations.

The Pale Indifference walks on silent feet, using its queerly elongated arms to help its slender body glide graciously through the cavernous dark. Gravity is of no concern to it. Its skin is white and cool like polished marble. When inert, it gives off as much sense of life and agency as a skeleton on exhibit in a medical cabinet.

When awakened its globular eyes glow with a sickly yellow light, like candlelight through a pustulent boil. It does not see in the traditional sense of the word, but rather feels the world around it by casting its ocular beacon upon worldly objects. Consequently it is effectively blind in bright light and its sight is muddled in dim light - it only sees well in the deepest dark. It hates sources of light such as torches and lanterns (which appear as blinding blurs to it) and will lash out at them with the utmost negligence.

The Pale Indifference has no mouth and makes no sound but for the click-clicking of its bird-like talons as it moves through tunnels and caverns, its limbs moving with the confidence of a climbing monkey and the fragile elegance of Pholcidae.

The Pale Indifference defecates, but since it does not eat, its excrement is of a liminal nature, existing more in the metaphysical realm than the natural.  It clings to the floors of caverns like wispy, ethereal guano and gives off no odors. The alchemists of Oyanda believe its residue may be used to produce a powder that relieves the user of their mortal cares for a vague period of time, prolonging life and removing trivial concerns such as food. The side effects might include lingering ennui and prolonged periods of torpor.

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