Unidentified heliograph from Kalesh

Another picture has been recovered, of an hitherto unidentified character.

Dear readers, do you know who she is? What rank does she hold within the city? Let me know.


  1. Ah, yes, Safhalla the Inquisitrix. I have often wondered which of the rumours are true. Some say she is really a man in disguise, for the tyrant could never put so much trust in a woman, and yet others laugh at this, saying only a woman could be so cruel.

    But these are fools, not near so wise as I. There is a more malevolent rumour, which I have good reason to believe is true: That she is not human at all, but a swarming hive of demonic insects merely wearing some poor woman's face and hands. I have seen the dessicated husk of one such creature, huge and horrifying, and there is many a night I pray I will not see its like again, hydrated and pulsing with a cruel hatred that mockingly resembles life...


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