Heliographs of certain personages in Kalesh

Makruz the merchant, ringleader of the Beastmasked

Malik, the Necroadvocate
Miryam, priestes of the Hypnagogic mausoleum

Karyanin, emissary to the Horse Lord of Bones

Aryana, the widowed witch

Barukh, innkeeper of the Dying Sparrow

Lalit, seeress of the Stone Dragon

Vartajaryan, the antropophage

Popenteloculus, the turtle wizard
(he usually has his shirt on)

Satyensi, the peddler of eldritch wares
(Although I believe he now sports a long mustache.)

Ramal, dragon prince of feathers, cousin to the Dragon of Feathers

Niriti, the green woman

Faluk, the gutter wizard

Ulu, captain of the Kalesh army

Laylah, chief of the Guard

Shar, the honourable Judge

Neph'AR'aarion (true name unpronouncable), The Reborn Demon Lord of Stone

Zuleyman, master of the Moon Bazaar

There are no existing heliographs of Melkizedek, the Dragon Prince of Stone, but this is how he is usually depicted. 


  1. This is awesome! Are you playing this?

  2. Yes, I'm running it!

    In Pathfinder because that's what the group's most comfortable with, but I'm twisting it towards oldschool (xp for gold etc.).


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