Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Professional RPG part II

First post here.

Ok, so that first post was an outgrowth of the Confident/Cunning/Disciplined spread that I've been playing with for ages now. I just added a fourth option.

This second post is an outgrowth of the first post that reincorporates the original idea.

The Professional

Choose a rank: Rookie, Amateur, Professional or Veteran

There are four approaches: Blind Confidence, Cunning Skill, Disciplined Routine and Nervous Incompetence.

Based on the rank you picked, you get a number of slots in each approach.
Rookie - 5BC, 0CS, 2DR, 3NI
Amateur - 3BC, 2CS, 0DR, 5NI
Professional - 0BC, 3CS, 5DR, 2NI
Veteran - 2BC, 5CS, 3DR, 0NI

Blind Confidence is roll 2d10 and pick higher
Cunning Skill is roll 3d10 and pick whichever
Disciplined Routine is roll 3d10 and pick middle
Nervous Incompetence is roll 2d10 and pick lower

Roll against another player, or GM (who rolls 1d10, pretty much always, maybe 2 if it's very difficult). Match or higher, you get what you want, lower, he gets it.
For every two points you go over a match, the opposition gives a "but" to your "yes"...you know the drill. "I do x" "Yes, but..."

You've got ten skills to slot into your approaches, TBD.

That's the Effectiveness bit. The Resources and Positioning are missing, plus the currency, obviously.
(Yeah, those all link to the same spot.)


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