Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oh, hey, a thing...

The Professional RPG

When there is a conflict, you say your intent and roll a d10 and the GM rolls a d10. If you roll lower, you lose, he says what happens, if you roll equal or higher, you say what happens.


On your sheet write:
I'm here stuck between...
But at least I'm as far away as possible from...
I feel the best when surrounded by...
But what I'm really good around is...

And assign: (People) Words&Looks, (Fighting) Blood&Fire, (Work) Oil&Sweat, (Tech) Lights&Wires
[you can make it freeform or come up with your own list of four "skills"]

When one of those things is the context of what you're doing, instead of rolling a d10, roll...
-when you're doing the thing you're stuck with, roll 3d10 and take the middle
-when you're doing the thing you want to be away from, roll 2d10 and take the lower
-when you're doing the thing you feel best at, roll 2d10 and take higher
-when you're doing what you're really good at, roll 3d10 and take whichever you want


2. When you roll higher, for every point by which you beat the GM's roll, he'll add a fact, saying "yes, and, and, and...".


  1. Also, should have been "but" instead of "and".