Sagas of the Icelanders reprint

I've been teasing this for a while, and here's a rather tardy announcement: Sagas has been reprinted and will be available in print format again. It's not a huge deal: it's not a second edition or revision, just a straight up reprint, because there has been a lot of interest in getting printed copies after I ran out.

The second part of the announcement is that IPR will be taking over the shipping and handling part of the deal, taking a significant chunk of work off my hands. So if you want a deadtree copy of Sagas, look to the IPR store in the coming weeks, I'll post and update when it goes live. Or (if the mail delivery service doesn't screw up and the books get to the US in time), you should also be able to pick up a copy at the IPR booth at GenCon in 10 days or so.


  1. Great news! I was just about to use the contact form on the Big Cartel store to ask about this, but figured I should poke around to see if there had already been any announcements put online. No worries of course if you don't know, but is there any word yet on when the print copies will be hitting the IPR website? Thanks so much!


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