Saturday, 17 March 2012

New rules for establishing bonds in Sagas

To whom it may concern, try and replace the bonds text in the playbooks pdf with:

At the start of the game, name one or two characters that you are related to and write them on your sheet. You gain two bonds that you can distribute among one or both.
Next, name a character that you know and lives close to you (perhaps as close as under the same roof but not further than the next valley over). You gain one bond with them.
These characters can be PCs or NPCs.

At the end of every winter you get two bonds to distribute among family and one bond to assign to an acquaintance.

It gives less bonds than before but I think that should work better. Maybe I just need to work on the wording a bit. Plus I'm considering giving all playbooks an extra bond, similar to the huscarl's move.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the further clarification. I look forward to seeing more of the MC/GM rules for SotI!!

    p.s. I might just be so "inspired" by the Farmstead rules that a derivation thereof ends up in my Dwarf Fortress hack for AW. :)