Chris Perkins' latest column


I suspect what he's saying is going to be "well, d'uh, captain obvious" material to most people who read this blog, and I think that quoting Stephen King is perhaps not the best way to put it across what Perkins is laying down here.

However I also think there are still lots of people who need to read points 1, 2 and 6 (the rest is also good) of this and that's why it needs sharing. A cursory glance at the big rpg forums will show that the odd "how do I control my players"  or "the players are ruining my story" type of thread always pops up every now and then.

So, yeah, reposting it, because it has value. Especially coming from "the top" so to speak. It's weird how terribly railroady most published adventures are, considering that the people who produce them clearly understand that's not how it works.

I stand by my assertion that Perkins should write (or at least have a hand in) the DMG for D&DNext.