Saturday, 7 January 2012

Live game development

I'm at a friend's and we're fooling around, talking about a DORF game.

Dorfs are made out of three things: Stone, Beard and Stories.

Stone is how tough you are and how much you know about the underground. It generally affects anything body-related but also your "feel" of the earth.

Beard is social. The beardier you are the more respected, older, wiser, more intimidating. It denotes social standing and the pecking order, as well as life experience.

Stories is lore and knowledge, the history of dorfs. It is also skill and craft. Dorf don't teach how you forge a sword, they tell you a story about how the first sword was forged and then the actual process is a sort of reenactment of the myth.

Stone + Beard = Fighting ability.
Beard + Stories = Runes (magic).
Stone + Stories = Crafting things from what the earth gives.

There's also Drunkenness. It's a resource of spiritual power. Y'know "hero points".

That's it for now.


  1. Like! :) This could work for a Dwarf Fortressy game, or maybe for a Discworld-ish Dwarf game.

  2. Wazzis, Dorfs inna Stoneyard?