A fistfull of monsters

I am long overdue on my Joesky tax, so here are some critters that you can grab for your game.

Players in my Kalesh campaign, I strongly advise you to STAY OUT.

The stats are a barebone 3.x, what I use. I imagine it shouldn't be a problem converting them to an older edition. For 4E, maybe retroengineer my Monster Vault conversion guidelines here.

The Etherfish (pic)
The Etherfish look like flying, translucent folds of gelatinous flesh, pulsating with alien colours. From the mass protrude a number of tentacles. The Etherfish haunt a parallel dimension and occasionally break through where the barrier is thin. They always move to kill, with unknown motivations.

Number appearing 1d4
20 hp
Initiative +3; Speed 8sq (40 ft.)
Defense: AC 15, F1 R3 W3
Offense: 2 tentacles +3, 1d8+4 OR psychic yell everyone within 30 ft. 2d10+3 dmg, Will 13 for half
Special: Dimensional alien: Since they break through from another timespace, Etherfish always surprise their prey. However, if someone has been hurt by the psychic yell and survived the attack, he will always know the Etherfish are coming one round prior to when it happens.
Cold vulnerability 4: Whenever an etherfish takes cold damage, it takes 4 extra damage.

Hollow men picture
Hollow men resemble normal humans, with porcelain skin, except they're empty inside. Hollow men can sniff out gold and other treasures and will attempt to attack, subdue and the rob anyone carrying such valuables. Once they lay their hands on the treasure, they will proceed to eat it. A defeated Hollow man will often shatter like a cross between a piñata and a piggy bank.

Number appearing 1
60 hp
Initiative +5
Defense: AC 18, F6 R5 W5
Offense: 2 ceramical fists +5 1d12+8 dmg
Special: golden piñata - 5d20 gold worth of treasures inside

Cinder gaunts (pic)
Vaguely humanoid, these evil spirits resemble clouds of ashes and cinders.

Number appearing 1d8
15 hp
Initiative: +3, Speed 6sq (30ft)
Defense: AC 15; F1 R3 W3; insubstantial: take half damage from physical weapons, fire immunity
Offense: Choking embrace - a cinder gaunt enters an enemy's area and engulf them in smoke, causing them to suffocate. A single gaunt can apply this effect to one creature of medium or smaller size. Two, four, or eight gaunts can thus attack a large, huge or gargantuan creature.
Special: When a cinder gaunt is struck with a physical weapon, a burst of sparks and flames and flying cinders erupts from the "wound", dealing 1d8 dmg.
Cinder gaunts have darkvision and blindsense.

Crystal spider (pic)
These spiders are the size of large dogs. Their bodies look like large crystals and the bodies of their falling victims are covered in crystalline formations, in which their young incubate.

Number appearing 1d6
29 hp
Initiative +4
Defense: AC 16, F4 R3 W3
Offense: bite +4 1d8+5 and poison
Special: Crystal spider poison - when a victim is bitten, the part of the body that was bitten becomes stiff, the skin crystallizing. This is similar to Flesh to Stone, except it doesn't effect the whole creature. Roll randomly for target:
1 - head: the creature becomes blinded, mute and deaf
2, 3 - arms: the creature can't use the arm anymore, dropping whatever it was holding
4, 5 - legs: the creature can move at half speed or can't move if both legs are affected
6 - body: the creature becomes clumsier and stiff, taking a -4 penalty to attack and action rolls and Ref saves

Perc: +4, Stealth: +2

Flayed stalkers Picture
Flayed stalkers look like (surprise) flayed humans, carrying their old skins on one hand and a knife in the other. Flayed stalkers fight with their (or someone else's) skin and dagger. They use the skin as a net, to capture their enemies, and then proceed to flay them.

Stats as a fighter or rogue of appropriate level.


  1. 3 years later, I used these guys in a game! I just blogged about it in a joesky tax retrospective: http://blogofholding.com/?p=6863

  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads up.


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