Dear Adonis and Aziz,

Upon returning to your rooms behind the bazaar, you find not one, but three notes pinned to your door. On top is an expensive piece of paper, it is marked with the symbol of Satyensy's emporium. It reads:

.:.Am making new offer re.:.Mirror Trap Gate.:.Willing to pay more.:.Please consider.:.

Beneath is a handwritten note, scrawled on a piece of ordinary parchment.

Dear friends,

I have eaten sixteen fried peacock wings, two wheels of mammoth cheese, two marinated lizard steaks, two jars of purple Kalesh rose honey, drank four flasks of greckian wine and finished with five pomegranate pies. My demon is now dazed enough that I can set these words to paper. Be aware that I shall remove the memory of writing this letter so he may not discover it later.

I am grateful for your assistance in providing the reagents for my ritual. I have used the mushrooms to create two concoctions of equal, but opposite effect. Hiding this from my demon has been a pain in the behind. Ingesting them at the same time, my body should enter what the ancient texts refer to as the "quantum superposition", superseding my current dead-but-alive condition.

I have identified the third item that I will need to complete the ritual. It is something called a "prismatic blade". This blade should then be able to separate my dual nature into two bodies, one dead and the other alive, solving my conundrum. If you would be willing to assist me in the search for this item, you know where to find me. Just do not speak openly about it (for obvious reasons).

The last and final step will be the binding of the demon to my service, to prevent retaliation. Hopefully, this should not prove too hard, for it has inhabited me for a while and I know him well...

Warm regards,

Finally there's an advert for snake oil, to increase the size of your...snake.