The stories we make

There's the Pathfinder+Eberron game that I'm in, which is on hold, because we can't get together very often. Probably this weekend. Hyped! I couldn't tell you what's going on there except that we helped the kobolds defeat an invasion of giants, explored an undead city/ruin and are now mucking about in a dreamworld, looking for some thingamajig or other. When I play this game I usually just kick in the door I find everything else would mostly be meandering or a waste of time in the context.

There's a Mage game where we made characters and introduced them to each other, but nothing else happened. So I don't know.

There's the Apocalypse World online game that was on hold because we didn't have regular access. We saw Drifter roll back into town with a passenger, we saw the angel spend precious stock on someone's dog. Now we need to find out what happens next.

We found out that In this Wicked Age a surly wolf-hunter may kill his greatest enemy, a wolf-headed fiend, but at the price of never learning his fate from the oracle. We saw the desperate ghoul try to save both his cursed brethren and himself, finally choosing to sacrifice himself to break the curse. We saw an elephant-tamer escape into the sunset with his master's wife, after many tribulations. We saw the ghoul as a young man, guarding a chained demon, unwilling patron of the city. We saw him take on the powers of a fire spirit, clashing in apocalyptic fashion with the frost king, deny the demon escape and his banishment from the city because of his new and dangerous powers. We saw a king trying to poison a bandit queen with the very honey wine he was paying her in tribute. We saw them scheme against one another, until the queen was slain by her own ambitious guard. We saw the king fight with the guard, get turned into a peacock-man, then selfishly release a demon into the world in return for his human form, only to be slain moments later by a cruel arrow from the guard and new barbarian queen of the city.
I love love love In a Wicked Age's oracles. They create fantastic premises with little work. I love the fiction the game helps us create, even if we're not (yet) super good at it. I'm not a fan of IaWA's resolution system, the way the dice work. It's not complicated but I always trip over it.

There's also the Pathfinder game I'm running. The abominable sorcerer prince Aziz and his manservant with a demon-sword have ridden into the merchant city of Kalesh on a desert ship, killed some dune-raiders, got up into everyone's shit, stole a bunch of stuff, killed come criminals, fought a an alien jellyfish and a billion other things I don't remember.

A bit more on this last game of mine in the next post.


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