People in a NuWeird city

On Story Games, Ry asked for random generators/tables/oracles for a New Crobuzon/Planescape style weird city. I wrote these in a jiffy. They are actually a hack of the tables I use for Kalesh, reorganized and rewritten for a different (more China Mieville/M.J. Harrison) flavour.

Random people in the streets...
1-Beggar (1-Prince of paupers, 2-Common pickpocket, 3-Government spy, 4-Leper cultist, 5-Vermin advocate, 6-Insane prophet)
2-Bohemian (1-Exotic sculptor, 2-Hyperealist painter, 3-Hack, 4-Performance artist, 5-Ritual playwright, 6-Art critc)
3-Xeno (1-Mantis, 2-Turtle, 3-Zebra, 4-Slug, 5-Tapeworm, 6-Hivemind)
4-Scholar (1-Eschatology, 2-Experimental theology, 3-Liquefactionist, 4-Chaos math, 5-Xenobiology, 6-History)
5-Shady (1-Drugdealer, 2-Sex worker, 3-Fence, 4-Revolutionary, 5-Crime boss, 6-Saboteur)
6-Bureaucrat (1-Corrupt militia officer, 2-Informer, 3-Customs official, 4-Immigration officer, 5-Ambassador, 6-Lawyer)
7-Proletariat (1-Dockworker anarchist, 2-Machinist, 3-Union organizer, 4-Shift boss, 5-Jobless, 6-Strike breaker)
8-Artisan/Trader (1-Tattooist, 2-Food, 3-Tinker, 4-Tailor, 5-Thaumaturgist, 6-Diviner/medium)

Person A's relationship to person B is...
1-Intimate: sex
2-Intimate: romantic
3-Professional: debt
4-Professional: competition
5-Power: rivalry
6-Power: conspiracy
7-Blood: family
8-Fanatic: religious
9-Fanatic: ideological
10-Fanatic: obsessive/revenge

The person's position in the web is...
1 - threatened, she wants to keep it
2 - unfavorable, she wants to escape it
3 - precarious, balanced by a secret
4 - secure, at great cost to another

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