The Law in Kalesh

Thieving, violence against other persons or their possessions, non-patriotic behavior and general disruption of the peace are illegal in the city. Everything else is business between private persons. Kalesh is, obviously, a hive of scum and villainy, once you scratch the surface.

Nevertheless, most criminals, unless caught red-handed (and just think about how many schemes were built around that), will be given the benefit of standing in front of a Judge. Judges are revered as wise and prudent and their capacity of judgement is unquestioned, this is why things like evidence, magical failsafes and tests etc. are not always used. The judges are deemed to be able to decide without evidence, and they tend to entertain this notion.

The judge currently presiding is ... d10
1-4 too proud to admission any kind of evidence
5-6 ready to admission testimonies by the accused
7-8 ready to resort to further evidence and magical tests if required
9-10 a mad drunk

The most common type of magical test is the Trial by Stone. A large stone disk is rolled into the court. This creates a Zone of Truth-type effect based on Strength instead of Will. The accused is asked whether he did commit a specific crime, and then instructed to lift the stone. If the accused is lying the stone becomes extremely heavy (Strength DC 30 to lift) if the is speaking the truth the stone instead becomes really light (no check).

Based on the number and severity of the charges the judge will decree one or more penalties from the following list, connected with an "and" and sometimes an "or".
1.a fine of 2d20 rings per party member
2. a night in a cell without food or clothing plus 30 lashings (-2 con)
3. incarceration in one of the guard towers for 2d6 days
4. banishment from the city
5. hung up by the feet for 1d4 hours over one of the city gates (dazed)
6. bound by a temporary slave contract
7. waterboarded for 2d6 hours (4d6 subdual damage and -2 wis)
8. removal of one or more fingers or ears (-dex or perc)
9. removal of an eye (-perc, -ranged)
10. hot iron branding with a "criminal" sign
11. made to wear a funny hat for 1d8 days
12. bound to a post in a public square for 1d4 days
13. incarceration and beheading or hanging until death in 1d12 days
14. thrown off the highest tower in the city in 1 hour
15. made to ingest vast quantities of drugs, cut open for divination purposes, then sown back together (-2 con, -2 str, +2 int)
16. hit with a stick really hard
17. implanted with demonic larvae until harvested
18. made to dance on hot coals (-10 speed)
19. tied to a lizard and dragged around town
20. tattooed with symbols or text at the judge's discretion


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