Instant D&D encounters

I'm still testing this out so if you're going to use it, be wary and use your common sense and good judgement where necessary. The math is roughly tailored to 3.x D&D, so if you use a different edition, you'll have to tweak that, but you can steal the structure.

Step 1: Figure out the average level of the party. Let's call that [Bonus].
Step 2: Write down the following values "Weak [Bonus-1]", "Normal [Bonus + 1/4Bonus]", "Strong [Bonus + 1/2 Bonus]"
Step 3: Total all the maximum Hit Point values of all the characters in the party. Let's call that [Budget].
Step 4: Divide your [Budget] by 4. That's your [Damage Budget]

Step 1: Distribute your [Budget] among a number of monsters, the points spent represent their HP.*
Step 2: Give each individual monster a damage output, spending your [Damage Budget]. (a d4 is worth 2, a d6 3 etc., otherwise they deal 1 dmg minimum)
Step 2: assign the Weak, Normal and Strong bonuses to each individual creature's AC (starts at 10), HP, Attack (Melee & Ranged), Damage, Saves & optionally Special Ability DC (starts at 9) or Special Exploit.**



*If it's just one creature you might want to consider giving it an extra 1/4 hp. Also, I recommend against giving creatures less than 4HP (for budgetary purposes).

** When assigning the bonuses you can follow these guidelines:
Sniper: Weak AC, Weak HP, Weak Melee Attack & Damage, Strong Ranged Attack & Damage, Strong Reflex, Weak Fortitude, Normal Will.
Dominator: Weak AC, Weak HP, Weak Attack & Damage, Strong Will, Normal Reflex, Weak Fortitude. Strong primary power, Weak secondary power.
Pick two powers: Area impair visibility, Area impair movement, Target Debuff, Area damage, Target teleport, Target summon.
Guardian: Strong AC, Strong HP, Normal Attack & Damage, Strong Fortitude, Normal Reflex & Will.
Savage: Weak AC, Strong HP, Strong Melee Attack & Damage, Strong Fortitude, Weak Reflex & Will.
Sneak: Normal AC, Normal HP, Normal Attack & Damage, Weak Fortitude, Strong Reflex, Normal Will,  Strong Exploit: extra Attack & Damage.
Chief: Normal AC, Normal HP, Normal Attack & Damage, Normal Fortitude & Reflex, Strong Will. Normal Exploit: Target buff ally, Weak Exploit: Area buff allies.

I need to make a spreadsheet for this.