Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Welcome to the lands of the Sorcerer Kings

Remember how I posted about the possible implications of equaling character class with social class? Well, I dropped the whole medieval shtick, but kept the "sorcerer bloodlines imply nobility" premise and built from there and it's paying off so well.

(Pictured: prince Aziz and his manservant Adonis prepare to further explore the red city of Kalesh, to be shortly joined by the thief Farzana.)

The setting is still quite vague, two sessions in, but I know what its core principles are and I'm really enjoying  discovering it alongside my players. It's the first D&D setting I've ever run that truly makes aesthetic sense to me, because it drops most of the usual implied tropes (or re-flavors them), without changing anything about the game. I'll probably post more about it as we continue playing.

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