Monday, 31 October 2011

Lucca 2011 in pictures

A few photos from Lucca, some in hipstervision, not in any particular order.

Robert Bohl running Misspent Youth on the left, Meguey running 1001 nights in the back.

Apocalypse Worlding it up. Rhythm the Touchstone (left) and Cheesegator the Marmot (right).

Same game, Tazio and Vincent.

Problem, officer?

Holy shit it's Mario Kart

The spy is trying to hide behind the baloon.

Get those zombies, children.

Oh man, the Cap left himself go.


*shhhhhhhhh* Ofuck, ofuck, ofuck...

The joke is on you.

Modern Warfare

This guy is everywhere! (he he he heh heh).

Get out of here stalker.

Delicious dinner.

Some of Lucca's pretty buildings...

Penguin and...Nightwing? My comic-fu isn't great.

The absolutely impossible crowd inside the comics pavilion. 


Some more churches (Lucca has a gazillion)

An original Crumb napkin drawing going for 5000$.


The Narrattiva booth.

The Janus booth.

The wargaming tables.

Playing 1001 Nights with Meguey.

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