Happy birthday Gary (and other stuff)

It would have been Gary Gygax's birthday today - if he were still alive - and he would have been 73. I'm one of those people that think Gary gets a little too much credit for the whole thing and the two Daves (Arneson and Wesely) and others don't get enough. I was also never much a guy for idols or personality cults. Nevertheless, the man is a saint of our hobby.

Since I'm not in town I'll try to get a Google+ Hangout game going today. I think we also played D&D exactly one year ago, purely out of coincidence (as I said, not much for idols, I wasn't even aware of the date). Hangouts games seem to be working quite well for many people. I think it's the first free conference video call tool I know and on top of that it runs from your browser (although you need a small plugin) so you don't need to install anything and can join from theoreticaly anywhere.

It's been a slow month in the blogosphere. Not much happening all around the place. Not much happening on this blog either. I hope I haven't bored everyone with those dull math-heavy posts a couple of weeks ago. In real life, it was kinda weird and hectic. As usual for summer, we were unable to synchronize our timetables so it was a lot of sporadic meetups that didn't amout to much. We mostly played videogames and hung out when we did manage to get together. Oh and we bashed at each other with foam weapons for a couple of hours one day in drizzling rain. I still have a bruise on my arm and my neck hurts from running into a spear. Fun times.

After a couple of years of mostly running one-shots, experiments and shorther campaigns that fizzled into scheduling issues and gamer ADD (and a couple of years of atrocious, horrible, complete failures of games before that) I want to commit myself to one big, well-developed, long-term game. I don't know what it will be yet (a 4e game set in Icewind Dale seems like the strongest candidate right now), but I want the challenge.

I will be leaving for Norway with my girlfriend in two weeks or so (cannot but mention my dismay at the tragic events in Oslo and Utoya that struck so unexpectedly), so don't expect much posting from me in the meanwhile. Maybe one of my friends will step in with some guest posts or something. We'll see. When I come back (so early September or something) I'll probably start blogging about my wrestling with a long-term game and focus on discussing the job of GMing.

There might be another post or two in the next days before I leave. In any case: all the best and happy gaming everyone. Read you soon.