A few random and unconnected thoughts

  • I think I'd like Eberron better if it was just humans, warforged, shifters, changelings and kalashtar (and the drow by any other name).
  • I miss DiTerlizzi art in my gaming products.
  • Somebody should really make an updated Planescape, possibly with a ruleset to match.
  • Rule zero dogma (as opposed to common houseruling and hacking) was capitalized on by agendas mismatched by the limited offering of games.
  • There are still so many narratives and genres that are untouched by the hobby, and will probably never get a game of their own. With good reason I guess.
  • Reality-warping or metaphysical paranoia is really hard to do in RPGs because RPGs are reality warping and unreal by themselves.
  • I very much disagree with people spelling doom on the hobby or industry but I do think that the industry (not the hobby necessarily) is somewhat creatively stuck at the moment, fluff-wise.
  • Dear publishers please stop writing pompous press releases. (Yeah I wish.)
  • Lots of fantasy art is just terrible.
  • I can't settle on a setting or campaign premise for more than a few hours and I need a cure for that.
  • The Monster Vault should be in my mailbox soon, I guess I'll do a review or something. Maybe I should do more reviews in general.
  • Going hardcore canyoning can give interesting perspectives on exploration.
  • Cities intrigue me to no end, in all their metaphorical, metaphysical, poetic, emotional, occult and material implications.

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  1. Maybe you need to ignore the Rule0s, the doomsayers, and the press releases more? I'm with you on the rest of the list, pretty much.

    To warp reality in an rpg you need to actually establish a reality first and invest in it, so it can be time-consuming.


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