Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stop trying to make me buy more games (in which I try to make you buy more games)

I recently promised myself I wouldn't buy any more games this year, because I already blew a sizable budget on gaming stuff since last autumn. But then Jeremy Keller showed up with Technoir and I decided to pitch in on the Kickstarter because a) hey, I'm not actually paying until it's done b) I like Chronica Feudalis, his previous game and c) Technoir looks and sounds great. While I also like Remember Tomorrow (which I also bought sometime ago) Technoir sounds like the kind of cyberpunk RPG I'd like to play.

And then of course, tomorrow the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG will see the release of an open beta, and seeing how I'm already super-interested in this game the beta will only convince me that I need the actual thing, which means I'll likely have to shell out for it when it's finished (maybe not immediately, but very likely). DCCRPG looks cool because it's a re-imagining of 70's D&D with 30 years of hindsight, super-focused on the famous Appendix N. So if there's a rule in DCC you bet it reflects on something in the source material. Plus based on the reports it plays fast and is very fun. Plus it has an awesome retro pulpy fantasy aesthetic.

Today I also got reminded that The One Ring is coming out fairly soon and fuck, it's the first Tolkien RPG I think will actually work right (excluding flavors of Burning Wheel), so it's certainly tempting. It looks gorgeous and seems quite well designed and published by a bunch of people with a good record.

And then there's also Dungeon World which is currently in free beta/gamma but will have a finished print version out soonish and is fun. Danger Patrol, which is incredibly awesome is getting a gamma version soonish, so it's not inconceivable that a final version is not very far away. The Regiment is also looking pretty great. High Quality RP is also looking pretty interesting. There's also the fact that I still kinda want to get the whole 4E Essentials line, and I'm pretty interested in the new edition of Gamma World.

And let's not forget Do, Bulldogs, Ashen Stars, Mythender (and god knows how many that I'm forgetting) which I'm not that interested in and won't be getting, but I know quality when I see it, so I'm sure some of you reading this will want to check those out.

And this is just RPGs, there's at least a couple of boargame things that I want to get my grubby mits on: Small World and several Arkham Horror expansions and the latest Twilight Imperium expansion.

Is this all? Not nearly, but hey I got to stop listing stuff sometime.

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  1. I'm in exactly the same boat. I cleared off my gaming shelf (mostly of 4e books), and thought I could really dial down my purchasing this year... then the Kickstarter for Do happened, and I was sucked in. Then Bulldogs!... then Luke Cure has all but announced a new edition of BW... then Tehchnoir... and now Ashen Stars is calling me, and the DCC RPG, and Dungeon World, and then I just ordered the Fiasco Companion...

    The upside, of course, is that so many amazing RPGs are coming out. Latest Golden Age, we are in you.

    Aside: I wasn't very impressed with the 4e Gamma World. We played the 2nd ed. from the 80s a few weeks prior, and honestly I had way more fun with that, warts and all.