The Pigmen of Dungeon World

Just a little AP. Only four of us were able to attend a gaming evening yesterday, so the standard long-running campaigns or big fat boardgames were out. I pitched Dungeon World. I had a migraine throughout the evening so I dropped the ball a few times and generally wasn't very focused on running the game in the way I should have been. Nevertheless it was a very very fun game, although funny might be a better word than fun. We laughed almost constantly as inane jokes, gonzo twists and general wackiness ensued. The bard fascinated one of the pigmen monsters they were after by playing what I interpreted as a rendition of this song on his stolen trombone. Amongst other highlights were the insane wizard stitching all sorts of stuff into hit beard, hair and clothes, including trying to hang a live baby on his robes as an ornament and the soviet dwarf cleric talking to an old pervert rock. Yes that's exactly what I mean.

We only played for maybe two hours or so and sadly they never entered the actual "dungeon" but just fucked around, missing a bunch of rolls. I think dungeons are where the mechanical parts of the game can really start to shine, as opposed to outside areas and wilderness - although this was also at least partially my fault as I failed to make the area interesting. It was a hot, dry desert and that was it. Fail! In retrospect it might have been better to start the game exactly at the dungeon gates, in-medias-res, but I had absolutely zero prep, it was all improvisation and I had to give it some time and draw a bit on the game itself to figure out stuff. For example a Spout Lore roll allowed me to reveal that the pigmen's rocky outpost was home to a demon and whoever wanted to control the monolithic fortress had to bind the demon (yep, totally stealing from Dictionary of Mu there).

Anyway, it was a totally impromptu session that popped out of nowhere but I think we can keep on playing and maybe I'll be able to dump all my recent oddball fantasy ideas into it.

So anyway, here's an Akbai (I think that's the name we gave them) or pig-person for Dungeon World:

The akbai are a race of both looters and entrepreneurs, indiscriminately working their way to the trough. All troughs.
Instinct: To be fat and rich.
-Seize a secure elevated position.
-Sniff out valuables.
-Make you an offer you can't refuse.

Level 1, 7 HP, 3 dmg

Typical names: Porkpine, Hogsman, Pigbert