Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pathfinder Sheets 2nd attempt

Ok, the links in the previous post didn't work for a lot of people, so I'm trying a different method. Direct picture upload to the blog. It should work now.

Oh, and a P.S.: the character sheet and spell sheet are aimed particularly at low-level play, before tons of bonuses start to pile up. I intended it for people not particularly familiar with the game. As you level up the sheet will probably become too crowded. It's intended to be clean, pretty and simple, not super-detailed.


  1. That's seriously one of the nicest D&D/d20 character sheets I've seen. Well done!

  2. BTW, do you have PDFs of these?

  3. Did the PDF ever eventuate?


  4. Rusty, no, sorry. I kinda dropped the whole thing after this.

    Let me dig around my drive and see if I can bring it back to life...

  5. Still would LOVE PDF's. Great job!