Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A few blog stats

Nobody cares! But anyway.

March isn't completely over yet but the blog has hit 1277 views this month. It's not much but it's about twice as much as last month (678 views) and about five times as much as when I started it back in June 2010 (274 views). (I was also still tracking my own views back then so I don't think it all counts.) It's also a little over the previous record peak, back in November (1185 views) which was mostly due to me writting about Echo Bazaar and posting the relatively shit-stirring Creative Agenda primer. Who knows how much of that is just spiders.

The Echo Bazaar "review" is still the most viewed post of all time, followed (after a substantial drop) by the CA post, the original Pathfinder Character Sheet post (there is a new one, people, get with the times!) and the "Pathfinding the shark" post. Popular topics that are easy to hit in a search. That last one mostly owes its traffic to the fact that I mentioned the new PF book coming out and people googled that.

I seem to be getting the most traffic off Planet Story Games, followed by the Story Games forums, Google and RPGnet.

The funniest thing in all this boring data is the fact that last week someone got to the blog by googling "jupiters cock porn". The hot elf chick trick seems to work both ways.

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