A couple of monsters for Subterranean Adventures

Although I haven't yet finished/posted my rules for SA I've been thinking about monsters earlier and made a few. I drew a few pictures on my phone to go along with this, but it won't stop syncing and I'm tired of waiting, so I'll upload them later, if at all.

Tall, well-built humanoid figures with cubical heads and five faces, these uncanny creatures build their dwellings with the whispering skulls of their ancestors.
Number appearing 1-6
Level 3, 18-39 (28) hp
R 13/W 12/F 17
S16, D12, C20, I10, W10, C8
Combat: Melee +6, 1d6 fists, Ranged +4; no armor
Special: Cubmen have faces on all five exposed sides of their heads and cannot be flanked.

Clinger flies
Clinger flies have the appearance of tiny severed baby arms, with a pair of large dragonfly wings protruding from behind the wrist. They can usually be found resting their palms on rotting tree trunks in swamps.
Number appearing 2-20
Level 1, 1-4 (3) hp
R 14/ W -/ F 12
S 8, D 14, C 8, I3, W3, C3
Combat: Melee +0, 1d4 clawing; no armor
Special: Clinger flies are immune to mind-affecting spells and affects. They have no sensory organs to speak of and seem to find their prey by some arcane method.

More next time. Also SA doc, sometime. There's just so much stuff going on.