Play wishlist

Yeah, I'm trying to study hard, which means it's that time again. The time when I start daydreaming and fantasizing about all the games I want to play and run.

So, on the top three: playtests for Arcadia (this old gothic-mystery-conspiracy-fantasy setting of mine that I'm revisiting with a new system), [V]ampire (still title-less, a rework of VtM, I'd just like to run a straight bleak vampire drama) and, as always, Dysangelium (still got this one under the covers, still trying to figure it out, but it's time to start bringing it around).

I saw the gameplay videos for Deus Ex: Human revolution yesterday, so now I'm also salivating for a good cyberpunk game. Like if Blade Runner and GitS had a head-on crash and Gibson and Sterling donated blood. Probably with AW.

Speaking of videogame videos, have you seen this? You know, I wouldn't mind a drama-heavy sandbox zombie game either. Dawn of the Dead.

Also I haven't had the chance to post the videos for the new Bioshock here. Trailer & gameplay. That's probably one of the best examples of world building I've seen in recent times. The flying city reminds me uncannily of the flying-casino-city Aeropolis from my old version of Arcadia. A place that's quite literally "above the law".

Still daydreaming about a oD&D-ish game (heavily hacked ruleset inspired by all editions and Dungeon World or maybe just Dungeon World), focusing more on the original sword & sorcery/weird fiction/picaresque tales influences more than the modern interpretation. CAS, REH, HPL, Vance, Gargantua, Simplicimus, Barry Lyndon all that. Also, D&D played Adventure Time-style.

I wouldn't be above running another playtest of my WW2 game. The last tryout went down pretty well and I think the ruleset has only improved since.

Some dark fantasy maybe but I guess that's kinda covered by the current Eberron game, so, that's good.

Some sci-fi, there's always too little sci-fi. Oh, and Fiasco, we need to play Fiasco. And DitV. And stuff.

And while we're here why not some SotC pulp with Indiana Jones elements. And an americana supernatural horror/investigation? And some Trail of Cthulhu? And some Thief?

Gods, this is horribly depressing.