Micro design poop


I've been making lots of these tiny (RP)Games in my head recently. My memory is chock full of tiny bits of mechanics and I have some notes jotted down here and there. Sadly, I have nor the time nor the dedication to develop them all to any degree of presentability.

Currently I have:
-codename Red, a vampire RPG: a rules-light setup for playing vampires, basically VtM minus WoD lore, plus other vampire media + blender + tiny set of working mechanics
-codename Frights & Frockcoats: a ripoff of Castelvania+Ravenloft+Van Helsing+Salomon Kane+Sleepy Hollow etc. Basically a Gothic Folk(tale) Horror Fantasy thing.
-codename CryptRun: a revamp/reboot of my old Brütal Röles game. Same setup but a lot more options and cleverer mechanics. Run through the dungeon, stab your friends, steal the treasure.
-Skin Deep and idea I wanted to develop for Game Chef 2010 but failed. I have a basic setup and some mechanics but I have no idea if it works. The horror of human relationships.
-A new version of Xenoraptor. Be a space marine, try to clean out a derelict spaceship infested with aliens. Entering third edition now. Need a big overhaul. The work is never done.

That plus I'm still brainstorming Dysangelium (like, all the time), plus I'm trying to finish Sagas of the Icelanders.

Plus Chains of War and Pilgrims to Ruin on the backburner

I need feedback and playtesting badly.


  1. Let's sit down and talk then, test, talk, test, hot lovin', talk, test, profit.

  2. The thing is I have too much to do for school in the next tree months.


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