Things I want to play or run...

I try to do this every couple of months. It's funny how things change.

In no particular order.

1. Some serious heavy metal fantasy, with a 70's aesthetic and pulp & weird fiction roots. You know fantasy but on a planet, with multidimensional horrors, laser pistols, taverns that look more like Star Wars cantinas, strange races, horrible magic...System: unknown, possibly reskinned Apocalypse World

2. A game set in my world of Dysangelium. Some day, I still haven't figured out how to play a game in that setting.

3. A bunch of Burning Wheel games. (more on that later)

4. Dogs in the Vineyard. Because I still want to know how it fares in our group.

5. A pure, totally old-school, ass-crazy, deadly, surreal, mythic-underworld, unapologetic dungeon crawl. System: either Moldvay Basic D&D with some house rules OR Lamentations of the Flame Princess OR Subterranean Adventures. I'm thinking about not killing off our Pathfinder game but morphing it into this one.

6. A bunch of stuff I have no idea how it would work in a game environment.
a) a Twin Peaks tribute mystery/surreal/horror/crime
b)a pure Gothic Fiction wank Shelley, Poe, Byron, Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, Wolfman...misty moors and brooding dudes in frock coats
c) Conan to the max

7. More In A Wicked Age, more Mouse Guard, more of everything.

8. More playtests of my games (specifically Chains of War and Pilgrims to Ruin).

9. Stuff I'm forgetting.