Pathfinder Alternate ("Easy") Sheet, take II

Intended for casual players, noobs etc. Looks less like a tax from, more friendly, less cramped, all the important stuff is black and bold. Some mechanical relationships are laid out visually.

Available in printer-friendly and graphics-heavy formats. Hope you'll find it useful.

Coming soon: "Spellbook" sheet.


  1. I like it. A lot. It's simply, clean and well designed. It's probably too sparse for me to want to use as a stand alone character sheet. (There's no place to break down skills/AC/saves to show where the totals come from. But I think this would make a great character sheet to have at the table while keeping the more in depth sheet off to the side in case you need a breakdown of where the numbers come from.

    I'd probably also include a column in the weapons sections for "hit".


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