Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Is this just Not-Story-Now or Right to Dream?

There's a thread here. Never mind the replies. It's the original post I'm interested in.

Now, I know dozens of people who would jump up and yell "that's horrible GMing" and "that's not fun". That's also my first instinct. "Holy shit you're doing it wrong!"

But then, obviously, she's not. They're having fun. The replies (I know I said never mind them) are like "that sounds fun" and "here's how you should do it".

If I was a player in her game, I'd probably flip my shit out. I'd have my Vampire throw himself on a beam or something, killing myself. Some passive-aggressive shit like that.

"This is my Dream, this is what I want in my game, this is what should happen, how it should be."

She's not even considering the possibility that the players won't be in the building or won't go to the building or will jump out of the building or find the bad guys or stop the bad guys or whatever. No, "this is what's going to happen".

As Vincent said once, if we're playing Die Hard, then we know he beats the bad guys and gets the girl. There is no question about it. We know it will happen. The dice just tell us when and how exactly, if even that. That's one way to do it. Another way to do it is for the dice to tell us what movie we're playing. We don't know if this is going to end up as 12 Monkeys or Die Hard. Maybe he dies at the end and doesn't get the girl. Maybe he's even a bad guy (is there a movie where Bruce Willis is a bad guy?).

Her way of doing it is definitely not Story Now. But is it Right to Dream? Hard to say. That way of doing it is also possible in Step on Up. It's like a cutscene in a videogame where you get to watch a little video about what happens to your character, you're powerless for the duration. But the purpose of the cutscene is to launch you right into the next challenge, next bit of action. But I don't think that's her purpose. The collapsing building doesn't sound like "setup for the next challenge" but more of a plot element, a vision, a tailored scene. "There's a scene I want." her words. And that's why it's probably Right to Dream. Either that or zilchplay, I dunno.

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