Fantasy Superheroes

By level 7 (sooner or later), most D&D characters can reliably do one or more of these (usually more)...

*punch through walls
*turn invisible
*lift 300+ kg (or lift a ton or more with some aid from magic)
*jump 6-9 meters far (or much further with magic)
*speak with animals, or any intelligent being
*single-handedly fight large groups of "normal" people
*shape matter
*shoot rays, fire or electricity from their hands, freeze objects or otherwise manipulate energy
*kill with a few words
*survive falls of 35 meters or more
*see in darkness

That's about one third into the game (a lot of those "powers" are available earlier, it's just at lvl 7 that they become readily accessible to almost anyone in the party). Which means that very soon the game stops looking like this:

And starts looking like this:

In other words, two thirds of the game are not about what you'd think it's about.


  1. Totally - although the flying is under control at level 7, around level 9 it seems like everybody's flying all the time.

    That plus the clunkiness of Dispel Magic (ironically, because that could theoretically keep the flying under control) makes 3e at that level a real drag for me.

    Time to roll new characters, or switch to a different game...


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