Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Creative Agenda: Right to Dream

Continuing the dump...

"[He's saying that] if the conclusion is foregone, then it's not Story Now. Some people play 4th Edition D&D this way. They know the heroes are going to win. The DM sets up challenges that almost give the players a challenge, but really they don't. They're set up for the players to win (nearly every battle) over time - more to showcase how badass the PCs are and how cool it is win they win the day and save the world. The game mechanics are clearly designed for the DM to pre-plan interesting, compelling, thoughtful and intense encounters. But, it's almost a foregone conclusion whether the PCs will engage those encounters and whether the PCs will overcome those encounters.

The characters aren't dull (hopefully), the situations aren't plain and reasonable (the DMG gives awfully good advice how to set up fantastic encounters), there is escalation and back and forth (options like "Second Wind" give this), and there is certainly resolution (kick some ass, save the girl).

But, we're not playing to find out what happens or create the story - the story is already there. We're playing to showcase how we go through it. The cool powers, interesting tactics, witty quips, and general badassitude we can summon to save the day."
-Michael Pfaff

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