Saturday, 7 August 2010


I haven't posted in a while, been busy with various stuff. Here's what's going on:

-Guts & Glory, the WW2 skirmish game is 99% done. I just have to figure out exactly how the Suppressive Fire rules work. And then playtest some to fine-tune the weapon stats and other numbers. But yeah, it's done. I'll put it on the net when I think it's ready.

-I've been rethinking Pilgrims to Ruin a lot. Turns out I like the rules, but I don't think they interact with the setting/colour in the right way. To paraphrase what I said to Jeff over on the Wave: Pilgrims wants one story to be told, but the mechanics produce a different story. I think changing the setting will allow me to expand the rules and make them better, but it will be a different game. Pilgrims needs new mechanics altogether.

-The "Untitled Fantasy Tactics" project is currently being developed under the title "Inferno: Subterranean Adventures". I might change "Inferno", but I love the "Subterranean Adventures" subtitle. Fuck you if you steal it. As you might have guessed ISA is a Fantasy Heartbreaker. I have a lot of good ideas for it, but I haven't quite figured out the central resolution. I'm playing with a lot of ideas at the moment.

-I decided to rewrite Xenoraptor sometime down the line. I think it's fundamentally still a very good, fun little game. It just needs more work.

-Dysangelium has been eating away at my brain. It might be what it needs is the current mechanics of Pilgrims, but it also needs something else...I'll talk about that in a follow-up post.

-All work has halted on the Sagas of the Icelanders hack. I have a writer's block on that front. I'm waiting for my copy of AW to arrive in the mail.

-I need to PLAY MORE

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