Saturday, 3 July 2010


Burning Wheel game yesterday. Results:

World-burning, using Paka's "make your own New Crobuzon" method: Came up with a huge metropolis in which Sahuagin clean the sewers and the canals and work the docks as the oppresses underclass, Rakasha are basically immigrants working as entertainers, and Genies have long ago been bound and trapped in the city itself by powerful wizards (you can rub a lamp post and ask for help). There's a storm elemental trapped in a building, functioning as a power plant, a cabal of Beholders working from the shadows and the dark alleyways are haunted by Chokers. There's also a serial killer Chain Devil lurking around.

Character Burning: I got an urchin that's always on the run, both from a corrupt constable and other urchins, then a young boy that ran from home to become a sailor to earn his bread and a former slave, now prostitute (my urchin has a "She's the mother I never had." belief with her.)

Then we played for 45 minutes or so, just to get a feel for the characters, without engaging any mechanics.

Burning itself was extremely fun. I have hopes for this game.

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