The Puritan Monster Hunter

We watched Solomon Kane (2009) yesterday. While the movie can by no means be called a piece of art and felt somewhat hollow once it was over (plus the main villain is really quite shit), it's an entertaining piece of cinema. I have no idea how it fared at the box office, but I don't believe it did well. Solomon Kane is, at heart, a movie for fans and nerds. There is no love story, no big names attached to the production, it's gritty and rather brutal at times, portraying some heart-sinking moments of inner struggle and murder (I sound like I'm making it something more than it is here, but as I said, it's not art).

James Purefoy does a good job of portraying Kane. His face, voice and persona is a strange mix of Viggo Mortensen, Robert Carlyle and Gerard Butler, which can only be a good thing. I'm expecting good things out of him. There were moments where I could imagine Purefoy doing Conan, too. He will also be acting in the upcoming Ironclad (with Jason Flemyng, Paul Giamatti, Derek Jacobi, Vladimir Kulich and Brian Cox!) and John Carter of mars (as Kantos Kan), so I can see him becoming somewhat of an underdog darling of geek movies everywhere (unlike the heavily marketed fucking Sam Worthington).

I'm now pondering what to run this with. There's obviously the Solomon Kane Savage Worlds setting book, but Burning Wheel (Burning Boston) and Dogs in the Vineyard feel such a natural fit in so many ways...