More Apocalypse World

I just had to make this list and put it somewhere, to keep track of everything.

The AW book is not even officially in print yet and we already have:

Dead Weight (Daniel Solis & John Harper) - Left 4 Dead + Mirror's Edge, zombie apocalypse parkour

Knife & Candle (Vincent Baker & John Harper) - Echo Bazaar (underground urban fantasy London)

Dragon Killer (Vincent Baker) - celtic fantasy

Rogue Trader Apocalypse (John P.D. Ryan) - Rouge Trader via AW rules

Apocalypse D&D (Tony Dowler) - oD&D hack

Dungeon World (Ben Wray) - another D&D hack

Bulwark (Nathan Orlando Wilson) - surrealist gritty fantasypunk

Sagas of the Icelanders (me, myself and I) - 10th century viking Iceland

AW: Dark Sun (Michael Pfaff) - Dark Sun via AW

Exodus (Robert Bohl) - Battlestar Galactica hack

Vanguard (Matt Wilson) - spaceship sci-fi hack

Gravitas (Bryn Boese and Sean Byrd) - space opera hack

The Many Students of Master Luo Chen (Bret Gillan) - kung fu hack

Bargain Town (Willow Palecek) - "barf forth retail hell"

Age of Sorrows: AW (Kenny Crowe) - Exalted hack

There are at least five more I haven't mentioned. If this list doesn't tell you anything about the impact of Apocalypse World, nothing will.