Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Apocalypse World broke my brain

I've been thinking about writing a viking game for ages...then I finaly start work on it, AW comes out and all I can think of is how to fit my viking game to the AW rules. I can't even think of new mechanics.

I've been working on this punkish, gritty, somewhat surreal fantasy game for a long long time now. Then AW comes out and all I can think of is fitting it to the AW ruleset. And THEN Nathan Orlando Wilson makes this.

And then Vincent and John start working on Knife and Candle and my brain starts to hurt. And then John Harper makes Dead Weight, and Vincent makes Dragon Killer and my brain explodes all over the fucking place.

(and Matt Wilson makes Vanguard but I'm not really interested in that, sorry Matt)

So, here: whenever you try to write a game, roll +game designer. On 10+ choose 3, on 7-9 choose 2, on a miss choose 1.
-your new game is not an AW hack
-your game is awesome
-your game is fun
-your game is well designed

Vincent killed game design.

[note: all of the above is exaggerated for dramatic effect and humour, even if fundamentally true]

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