Iceland, again

So, yeah, the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking it should be either a hack of Archipelago or a hack of Apocalypse World.

Which is weird in itself. Why? Because when you want to hack another game to make it fit something you want, you usually pick similar games. Archipelago and AW are, in many aspects, on opposite ends of a this brings up the question of what, exactly, my Iceland game is supposed to be anyway...

There are two things that bond Archipelago and AW, I think.
*The first is that the fiction leads, always. I can't say "that might not be so easy" or "try another way" in Archipelago if I don't know what the other player is doing or if he skips from I to E (IIEE 1, 2) - or even straight to E. The same way we can't engage Moves in AW if we don't know what exactly the characters are doing.
*The second is exploration I think. But you know, all games are exploration anyway.

What I also want from AW, that isn't in Archipelago is scarcity, history, character templates, actual character skills etc.
What I want from Archipelago that isn't in AW is shared narration, a shared creative space, the freedom.

This also shows me that Iceland doesn't really have a premise at all. I'm ok with that, I think. Fuck it, it's a Sim game.

But no, I'm going to push on. Right now my biggest problem is that I have this cool resolution system I want to use but it clashes with all the other parts of the game. I'll have to kill that darling, it seems.