Saturday, 15 May 2010

Iceland 900 A.D.

Turns out I've got yet another game taking shape in my notebook now.

I've been wanting to run a good viking game since forever (and I have tried to do so at least once). The other day, "Ignotus" posted this over at Story Games: "Imagining the viking settlement of Iceland as a western (written by a medievalist)"...which re-sparked my interest in such a game. I briefly considered existing systems and games...Rune (checked it out a long time ago, found it meh), GURPS Vikings (ok, lots of details and setting material, but it's GURPS), Runequest (absolutely the opposite of what I want in a system)...I narrowed it down to:
-a hacked version of Mouse Guard/BW
-Ragonarok (the hack for Agon)
-Chronica Feudalis

All good, brilliant games, but they don't satisfy my needs or expectations of the genre. There's also the story game "Love in the Time of Seidr" by Jason Morningstar and Matthijs Holter, which I believe is a great game, but again, not what I'm looking for.

I dug out my copy of the Eddas and this book I've got about vikings (can't remember the title now, I'll post it later) and tried to immerse myself in the feeling to the time, the myths, the politics, the culture...I remembered movies like The 13th Warrior, Valhalla Rising, Beowulf & Grendel and even the outrageous Outlander. (haven't seen Pathfinder yet).

And soon, rules started to form in my mind. If you're interested, watch this space.

[seems I'll have to check out the movie "Í skugga hrafnsins", too [and the C4 series 1066]]

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