Artists I'd like to see featured in 5E

I don't really know a lot of contemporary fantasy artist, but of those that I know, this would be my top list:
Jon Hodgson
Justin Sweet
Pete Mullen

I wouldn't mind seeing in supplements, modules etc.:
Wayne Reynolds (I think he has been overused by this point, but he should totally do Eberron or something)
Rebecca Guay
Tony DiTerlizzi
As a teen, I used to be a Todd Lockwood fan on account of this pic. These days I don't like him anymore (same category as Elmore, really), but I probably wouldn't mind him if he did pics like this.

certain pieces by Michael Komarck might work for me, although I don't really like his work as a whole (as long as the characters aren't in the forefront it's fine)
Zak S

What are your top choices?


  1. The second Lockwood link is broken.

  2. Other than Zak, I love this list. I really miss Sam Wood, who did some of the best 3e-era art, IMO.

    Mostly, though, I want to see more of the great, Trampier-esque art that's popping up in a lot of OSR products. And, hell, bring back Erol Otus!


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